Cold Storage
Refrigerated storage, processing and transportation environments are the primary preservation method of commercial perishable products as they travel along the value chain. Typical refrigeration systems continuously re-circulate unfiltered air through Forced Draft Coolers (FDC's) which exposes the coil of the FDC to high levels of contamination. When combined with the natural condensation which forms on the FDC it creates a perfect environment for microbial proliferation throughout the cool room. If untreated, the microbial contamination can reach a point where system performance/efficiency is inhibited. When this happens - airflow, pressure and thermal efficiency are inhibited. In addition, it is not uncommon for disturbing odours to be detected within the cool room environment, a clear sign of deteriorating indoor air quality. Over a longer term, this contamination can have a severe corrosive effect on the coil and surrounds which if left untreated eventually leads to premature replacement of coil and surrounds.

Global market research confirms that this is a global problem with few solution providers operating within the space.

AerisGuard™ cold storage products are a patented suite of products for the treatment of cool room heat exchange and other surfaces that protect the customers' assets from microbial degradation. The AerisGuard™ products are a combination of multi-enzyme cleaners for the removal of biofilm and biocides impregnated into slow release polymers that provide 6 month residual protection from continuous microbial growth.

The animations below describe the process at a high level.
A contaminated Refrigeration Unit
A Refrigeration Unit with AerisGuard™

Why traditional "cleaning" isn't enough
Traditional cleaning uses highly corrosive chemicals that affect the integrity of the FDC. Over time these corrosive chemicals strip metal from the heat exchange components and permanently reduce the operating efficiency of the cool room. The AerisGuard™ treatment provides a high performance non-corrosive remediation and actively protects the system from re-contamination.

Cool Room Decontamination
Cleaning does not attack the source, only the symptoms of the surface. It will not provide residual protection from recontamination.

Excessive Energy Consumption
Cleaning is not enough to return Cool Rooms to optimum operation. This leaves the FDCs and Compressors continuously under "load" - using excessive energy.

Asset Operating Efficiency
Cleaning alone will not bring set temperature down faster and hold it there longer. Only complete biofilm removal can reduce the load on the refrigeration system while maintaining preferred operating parameters.

Asset Preservation Efficiency
Cleaning does not remove microbial contaminants. Long term exposure to these have a severe corrosive effect on Cold Storage assets.

A standard remediation and protection of a Cool Room delivers:
Up to 10% saving on Cool Room power bills
Improve shelf life & reduced spoilage
Up to 250% improvement in airflow - temperature control & consistent temperature throughout room
Guaranteed 6 month control of mold and bacteria
Compliance with local health requirements
Total elimination of mold smells
Increased life of Cool Room equipment

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