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Corrosion Protection PLUS Blue/Clear - Aerosol/5L/20L

Coating for use on HVAC&R units and coils.

- Applied before or after installation to HVAC&R unit and coils and condenser units

- Can be used domestically (households), commercially (restaurants) and industrially

- When used in conjunction with AerisGuard Outdoor Coil and Surface Cleaner it offers up to 5 years protection

- Ease of application with aerosol or bulk product

- Removes the need and cost for specialist applicators

Clean away all mould, bacteria, fungi and viruses through patented antimicrobial multi-enzyme products, which are non-toxic and non-acidic. These products are safe for users and the environment.
Treatment products are applied after cleaning and create a protective coating wherever they are applied. This ensures residual protection and control from odour causing bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi for up to 12 months. Ideal as part of an annual maintenance program.
Equipment which are cleaned and treated with Aeris Environmental products are optimised and more efficient. Resulting in lower running costs, cleaner healthier air, improved occupant comfort and longer equipment life-span.